Stadium for the Guadalajara football team

The project seized the opportunity of the construction of a stadium, for the local football team, to develop an equipment that could benefit all the inhabitants.
Thanks to the integration of commercial, cultural and educational services, the stadium stays alive beside its sports activities.
The design combines the contained power and fertile slopes of a volcano with the protecting screen of a cloud. All the solutions for the air-conditionning and water cycle management are ecological.

The stadium opened in 2011. Surface : 110.000 sqm
Capacity : 42.250 seats
2 shopping areas
50 refreshment rooms
1 restaurant
1 hairdresser
1 museum
1 playground (for 450 kids)
1 cinema
1 skatepark
1 parking (750 cars)
Budget : 100 M US$
Architecture : Daniel Pouzet
Technical Architecture : HOK+SVE
Structure : Luis Bozzo Estructuras SL