April 2013

The TOYOTA ME.WE concept car is the innovative result of a partnership between
Toyota European Design & Development (ED2) and Jean-Marie Massaud, the
renowned creative designer acclaimed for his visionary projects in design and

For Jean-Marie Massaud, the ambition is to ‘instill’ human, economic and
environmental challenges into a realistic conception of an ‘anti-crisis’ car for today.

Above all, the vision of Jean-Marie Massaud is that of a car user with a keen eye for personal
travel. He puts it this way: “By losing sight of reality and as a result of an idealised approach,
the car has become an accumulation of constraints more than a source of freedom.

However, our lives and needs require more adaptability, simplicity and lightness.
The car of today should be seen as a personal mobility solution that can deliver more”.
In other words, drivers find themselves in a perennial duality: on the one hand, a plethora of promises that
support egos and social status through excessive hype about innovation.
And, on the other hand, an ongoing frustration with daily constraints.